You can now send money to your friends on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger
This feature, available for two years in the United States, allows to send small amounts to his contacts. The Facebook messaging application now has 1.3 billion users.

On the Internet, it is easier to pay rent than to repay 20 euros to a friend. Facebook wants to tackle this problem. The US social network announced Tuesday night the opportunity to receive and send money to friends on Messenger, its mobile email application. This feature, already available in the United States for two years, is now also in France. Messenger has 1.3 billion users worldwide.

To send money to one of his Facebook contacts, you have to select an icon in the form of more, then choose the category “send money”. Once your credit card is filled in, just indicate the amount to transfer it to his contact. You must also have added your credit card to Messenger to receive money. The sum is then sent to the user’s bank account, according to a period of 1 to 3 days. We can not send more than 500 euros in one go, and no more than 1500 euros in one month. The functionality is free, Facebook taking care of the transaction fees between the different banks partner of the service.
Facebook Messenger
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The social network hopes to compete with services like PayPal or other specialized applications (Lydia, Orange Bank …). Above all, this feature could allow him to recover the banking data of its users. This could allow the social network to consider other paying services later, especially in e-commerce.

A personal assistant
With this new option, Facebook is looking to make Messenger a little more indispensable in the daily online of its users. The application has been equipped with many new features in recent years. You can make voice and video calls, play video games, share your location with a friend, or create a poll for a group of contacts. Developers can also provide “bots” on Messenger, programs that allow users to interact with a program by chatting with them. It can be an information service, weather, order meals …

The purpose of all these options is to encourage the user to stay within Messenger, rather than using another application in parallel. To do this, Facebook also announced Tuesday the launch of “M”, a virtual assistant. Created in 2015, it was initially supposed to answer any request of a user, like to order a meal or domestic parrots. Its ambitions have since been somewhat downgraded.

Since this summer in the United States, and today in France, “M” is able to suggest actions on Messenger to his user, depending on the content of his conversations. For example, he may offer to use the payment function if you talk to a friend to pay him back. Or if he asks you “where are you?”, The wizard will suggest you to share your location.

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